Discover the best of Alentejo and Serra da Estrela in 5 days! Visit medieval castles, historic villages, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the breathtaking nature of Portugal!

Discover the historical and cultural richness of Portugal by exploring picturesque cities, majestic landscapes, and savoring delicious regional delicacies.

Explore the beauty of central Portugal on this amazing travel through historical cities, incredible rustic villages, breathtaking mountain trails and much more.

From paradisiacal schist villages lost in the middle of the mountain, to travels back in time in historical cities, live some of the most amazing and unique experiences.

Embark on a nature-connecting journey and lose yourself in the middle of the wild mountains and rural villages. Relaxation, adventure or mystery, there is it all and it is your choice what to live.

Want to go trekking on beautiful wild trails? We have got it. Swim on breathtaking mountain lakes? We have got it. Discover the most magical of valley´s? We have got it. What are you waiting for? 

From north to south, if you have time, curiosity and an adventurous spirit, this is the perfect pack for you. Come visit Portugal and see this complete and immersive journey through the beautiful views. 


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