About Our Team

On the basis of Portugal Green Travel , we have a Passionate Team, that wakes up every day breathing and living Tourism, Hospitality and, above all, Portugal, with our very own vision of what we believe that Tourists should see and experience in Portugal.

So, we wake up everyday to live this dream! As we often say, since we work in Tourism, “we’ve never again had to wake up to go to work”, because we genuinely do what we love, and everything becomes much easier.

Our team

Our Team is multifaceted, and fully professional. Everybody in our organization goes to the field either to prepare new tours, developing new partnerships, and to guide our groups. In these way we have a profound knowledge of the places that we visit, the needs of our clients and the real dimension of the experience that we provide.

Ana Moita Francisco

Chief of Consultant Services

  • With a large experience on creating Tourism Offer Networks in several regions of Portugal, as a great knowledge of the best attractions, resources and offers of each region;
  • With a degree in Tourism and a Master in Tourist Destinations Strategic Management she´s currently finishing her PHD in Tourism;
  • Tourism at University level Tourism teacher.

Hugo Teixeira Francisco

Marketing and Sales Director

  • Is also a Tour Guide on PGT Tours;
  • Hugo is a great storyteller, love to meet new people and cultures and share the local traditions and heritage of the places that we experience;
  • Since a very young age he has known that he wants to work in Tourism so, at the age of 14 he enrolled in a Professional Tourism Course, and later on took he’s master degree in Tourism;
  • He has worked in several tourism projects in places such as Spain, Latvia, Angola and Ireland, but also in Portugal;
  • Besides Portuguese, Hugo has a fluent English and Spanish, and basic knowledge of several other languages;

João Daniel Ramos

Finance and Operations Director

  • Is also a Tour Guide on PGT Tours;
  • João loves to create new and unique tours, always looking for new ways to exceed the expectations of our Clients creating an UAU moment;
  • He’s passion for Tourism come up after an Erasmus Experience in Italy, and when he came back he created the Erasmus Student Association and organized the first 2 National Erasmus Meetings that happen in Portugal;
  • He’s currently finishing a Master in Tourism, but he has an Economics degree and worked for 6 years in Marketing and Sales in a few Multinationals, until Tourism called him for good, in 2010. Since then, he runs a Tourism & Events company (adventure and corporate events) and also runs a small B&B;
  • João has also Canyoning and Speleology specializations, 2 of the activities that he enjoys the most;
  • He’s fluent in English and Italian and he has a basic level of French and Spanish;

Rúben Martins

Adventure Tour Specialist

  • Is our Finance and Operations Supervisor and also a Tour Guide on PGT Tours;
  • Ruben is a total passionate of Nature and nature sports. Trekking, Hiking, Climbing, Abseiling, Speleology, Canyoning, Cycling, … if it’s has nature and sports combined he will be there;
  • He’s part of the technical staff of the Mountain Group of Portuguese Federation of Camping and he has specializations in Mountain and Ropes activities, Canyoning and Speleology;
  • Although he just works in Tourism since 2012, he’s experience of Nature activities started in 1996. Since then he has lead several trekking expeditions to places such as Mont Blanc (France), Toubkal (Marroco), and several other in Spain, plus all the ongoing activities that he keeps doing in Portugal;
  • He’s fluent in English and a very empathic Tour Guide;

Besides our permanent Team we also have a big range of Local Guides, and local partnerships that make sure that we always delivery the best treasures of each region or tour. All our guides are fluent in English and Portuguese, and we have specific guides that speak fluently languages such as: French, Spanish, Italian, German or Russian.

Come and meet us in a Portugal Green Travel experience and you’ll get to know us much better, and fell that our Passion is Real!